Pricing, Reimbursement & Access

Market Access

To gain market access, it is essential to understand every stakeholder and how he/she is involved in the access decision. Ultimately, the payer needs to see the unmet medical need and acknowledge the value that your product brings. To be successful, payers should be willing to both pay for and include your product as ‘standard of care’. We can help you understand the HTA systems and develop a strategy that addresses every stakeholder and meets their specific needs for data, knowledge and collaboration.

At Zealth, we always start by identifying and analysing market access barriers. Every barrier needs to be identified and resolved. Being unsuccessful in eliminating these barriers will in most cases result in restricted or no access. Since it is essential to communicate with many different types of stakeholders, taking an interdisciplinary approach is crucial in ensuring market access.

Zealth can support you with:

  • The development of value stories (specific to market)
  • The identification of treatment pathways, disease mapping and possible gaps
  • Clarification of unmet medical needs
  • Research on relevant comparators/competitors
  • Product positioning
  • Stakeholder mapping, planning and execution
Pricing and Reimbursement

A crucial factor in the payer decision framework is the cost effectiveness of drug therapies, which implies that the cost of a drug must be acceptable when considering the benefits provided. Therefore, determining appropriate price levels―resulting in acceptable cost-effectiveness ratios―is essential in gaining market access. In addition, forming payer partnerships is important in ensuring that product sales and value are balanced.

Our goal is to help bring new drugs to patients as fast as possible, thereby facilitating patient access. We believe that by supporting companies, ensuring clear communication and providing the right data to the decision makers, the process can run more smoothly, and new drugs and/or new indications can be approved faster.

Zealth can support you with:

  • Pricing (and reimbursement) roadmaps
  • Value-based pricing strategies
  • Pricing analyses
  • Payer partnerships and risk sharing
  • Negotiation strategies and pricing workshops