Medical Affairs

Medical Communications

At Zealth, we know the importance of communicating clear and correct content to healthcare professionals, since their capacity and time to absorb new information is limited. We offer support in developing medical communications, which helps customers frame their product propositions in a way that healthcare professionals find relevant. We also provide support for the design of campaigns and tactics to help reach these stakeholders at the right time with the right content.

Zealth can support you with:

  • Peer-to-peer education
  • Internal training materials
  • Salesforce training materials
  • Medical education materials
  • FAQs
  • Content development for realistic patient cases (case studies)
Quality Review of Medical Data

Reporting medical information and data accurately is vitally important. Whether it will be used in a medical or a marketing context, every deliverable that contains medical material needs to undergo a comprehensive medical review to be approved for use, both within your organisation and with your external stakeholders.

Zealth can support you with:

  • Quality reviews
  • Reference checking
  • Reference packages
  • Data and trial presentations and overviews
  • Data overviews of competitors
  • Data consolidation
Clinical Evidence Profile

Accessing new markets requires substantial clinical evidence and demonstrating that your product provides clinical benefits to patients. Therefore, a prerequisite for successful market access is expertise in analysing and presenting clinical data, since this is essential for establishing a reliable and solid clinical evidence profile for your product. Ensuring a solid evidence profile for your product also requires assessing the quality of the clinical evidence to identify elements that could potentially end up becoming market access hurdles, as well as in-depth knowledge of the evidence for existing/competing products.

Zealth can support you with:

  • Clinical evidence profiles demonstrating the clinical value of your product
  • Clinical evidence quality assessments using the GRADE-system
  • Systematic literature reviews of existing evidence