Marketing solutions

Zealth’s focus is on creating strategic and visually engaging marketing material that will assist you in your communications at the local, national, international and global level. This includes various graphical solutions, digital experiences, video and motion graphics, communications and analytics. Through this integrated approach, we can develop marketing materials that yield results.

Zealth can support you with:

  • Brand strategy support
  • Global as well as local tactics
  • Market assessments
  • Multi-channel engagement
  • Competitor and TA searches
  • Sales capacity workshops
  • Launch readiness assessment
  • Content development (roadmaps, operational plans, brand plans, etc. ,playbooks)
  • Administrative tasks (preparing minutes of internal meetings (e.g. Launch Readiness Meetings, Business Unit meetings)
Brand Strategy

A good brand strategy with a clear target patient is vital, but it takes more than that to achieve success. Driving demand creation requires a strategy that is both operational and aligned with the specific market. ​At Zealth, we can help you unlock the opportunities in your strategy and ensure that every action you take maximises the value of your product.

Brand Position and Local Market Alignment

For major brands, brand position is established at the corporate level. It is important that your local brand strategy supports the corporate brand position, so that a clear and consistent message is maintained. However, it is equally important to address the specific needs of the local market. Each market has its own characteristics, including competitor strengths, access to subscribing physicians, regulations, and your own organisational capabilities. Therefore, your strategy must be aligned with the local market and the specific patient journey that characterises your market.

Brand Strategy Operationalisation

At Zealth, creating a brand strategy means operationalising your strategy. This entails analysing your market, the patient journey, your internal capabilities, and your competitors, and then deciding which actions to take. We also know from experience that some parameters are basically fixed, meaning that the primary focus should be on the parameters and dynamics that can actually be changed. Pharma is a highly regulated industry, not only by external parties but also from within each company. These regulations and limitations are shared by all competitors in the market. Consequently, the company that understands how best to tap into the opportunities, despite the limitations, will have a competitive advantage.

Zealth can support you with:

  • Pricing (and reimbursement) roadmap
  • Value-based pricing strategy
  • Price analyses
  • Payer partnerships and risk sharing
Multi-Channel Engagement

A holistic approach using multi-channel engagement provides the opportunity to maintain HCP contact cost-effectively and increase overall reach by making it easier and more convenient for customers to engage. Multi-channel engagement communications combine channels: e-detailing, on-demand content, applications, approved emails and webinars. By combining these channels, HCP interaction and communication becomes more relevant and effective, and can empower your sales reps during face-to-face meetings.

Zealth can support you with:

  • Multi-channel engagement solutions (e.g. Veeva-approved emails, peer-to-peer/virtual connected education/scientific exchange meetings/promotional educational meeting materials) (communication packages, content development, webinars)
  • Workshops and events
  • Video editing